Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (C.A.S.)

Debra Riordan is an experienced health practitioner, herbalist and educator. As a skilled Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, she utilizes the techniques of constitutional assessment, pulse and tongue diagnosis. She has treated more than two thousand clients with positive results specializing in chronic conditions, allergies, skin problems, and digestive disorders.

With nearly 30 years as an ayurvedic practitioner and educator, Debra's individual consultation practice is currently full. She is no longer working with new clients. Past and current clients please contact Debra. New clients please see Debra's recommeded paractitioners.

Personalized Aruyvedic techniques include:

  • Individually designed treatment programs
  • Herbs
  • Nutrition for your body type
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Vitamin & supplement guidance
  • Cleansing programs
  • Aromatherapy
  • Wellness coaching
  • Colors
  • Yoga Meditation and Relaxation
  • Ayurvedic & yogic psychology
  • Flower essence formulas
  • Stress management programs
  • At-Home Panchakarma

Debra has a wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to each client. She is well trained and has taught many other practitioners. She is thoughtful and cares deeply about her work and connections to others. It is easy for me to refer clients to Debra as she puts their best interests first.

—Dr. Selma Lewis
Marriage and Family Therapist

A note from Debra

"Thank you for your interest in my Ayurvedic work. My practice is full with current clients and therefore I am no longer working with new clients. Current and previous clients are welcome to contact me. New clients please see Debra's recommeded paractitioners."