For Health Practitioners and Interns

Debra would like to share what she has learned over her years of Ayurvedic practice, teaching, hospital and clinic experience. She's worked directly with over a thousand clients with excellent results. Her goal is to strengthen the Integrative Medicine community and further develop Ayurveda as a profession.

Mentorship Services

Debra is also available to mentor individual practitioners either in person or by scheduled phone appointment. The sessions are tailored to the practitioner and can cover case studies, herbal formula development, business recommendations or entrepreneurial support. Maybe you need a slight push to get going with your business, special help with a difficult client/condition or need a business coach. Debra wants to help.

Feel free to call us at: (415) 302-3962

Debra is an amazing teacher of Ayurvedic principles. She is so connected to the information and is constantly growing to know more. I benefited both from being her student and from teaching with her. This is a person who walks the walk!

-Devi Mueller
Ayurvedic practitioner,
CCA Faculty